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Member of the Parliament, Armenia

Since October 2012 – Mr. Pogosyan is Member of the Parliament, «Heritage» Faction National Assembly of Armenia, standing Committee on Foreign Relations, Committee on Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs, Committee on Economic Affairs.

Since December 1999 he is also President of the International Center for Human Development, and since March 2001 Mr. Pogosyan is Executive President of Armenian Atlantic Association.

Also since September 2002 – to present he is Lecturer at Armenian Russian States (Slavonic) University, Department of Economics and Management.

During August – November 1999 Mr. Pogosyan was Head of Marketing and Sales

At Vahakni International, Ltd. and during October 1997 – July 1999 he worked at NKR Public Affairs Office Washington, D.C. USA.

Also Mr. Pogosyan was Director of MFA of Nagorno Karabakh Republic and during May – October 1997 was Head of Balance Analysis and Methodology Division in Central Bank of Armenia// Accounting Department.

In September 1996 – May 1997 he was Specialist in Central Bank of Armeniaon the Issues and Reserve Department, Accounting Department, Monetary Policy Department Mr. Pogosyan graduated from Armenian State Engineering University, Postgraduate School, Department of Computer Science, American University of Armenia, 1995 – 1996, College of Political Science and International Relations, Armenian State Engineering University, 1994 – 1996, Graduate School, Department of Computer Science, Armenian State Engineering University, 1989 – 1994, Department of Computer Science.