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International Expert, the Dept of Peace Studies, Univerisity of Bradford (UK)

Dr. Green has extensively researched and engaged in policy and practitioner work on a range of issues relating to conflict analysis, regional security, conflict prevention, confidence-building measures; post-conflict security peace-building and reconstruction (including DDR); and related issues on security-building, security sector reform, weapons collection and control in conflict affected or conflict-prone countries. In this context, he has extensive experience in the Eastern Europe, Balkans, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Dr. Green has held a number of responsibilities at Bradford University, including Research Director of Politics/International Relations and Peace Studies from 1994 – 2009; Director/Chair of the Centre for International Co-operation and Security (CICS) from 2002 – 2011. He has directed a number of major programmes, including: Director of the Contract with the UK Government (DFID, and also FCO and MoD) to provide expert advice and consultancy on 'Conflict, Security and Development' (CSD) issues (2002 – 2006); and Co-ordinator of the Conflict, Peace and Security Helpdesk for Sida (2006-2010) and the Sida Helpdesk on Human Security (2012 -). He has directed or co-directed numerous international research and policy research programmes, including the EU Tacis Programme on enhancing democratic oversight in the Military Sphere in countries of the Former Soviet Union (1997 – 2001); the Armed Violence Redcution Initiative research programme (2004 – 6); ‘DDR and Human Security’ programme (2006 – 2008). He was Chair of the Scientific Committee for the EC research programme on ‘post-conflict peace-building and multi-stakeholder partnerships’(2008 – 2011); Co-chair of the EU COST research programme on ‘armed violence (2003–08); and Team Leader for other applied research projects. He is also Chair of the Boards of Directors of Saferworld and VERTIC, Deputy Chair of ISIS Europe, and a founder or Board member of several other relevant NGOs, including: IANSA; FIELD and the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF). Recent research and responsibilities have included Consultant to the UN, EU, and OSCE on small arms and on SSR, leader of EU Council mission to Cambodia on co-operation in tackling small arms; Team leader for FCO scoping study on conflict prevention in the Western Balkans; Scoping Study on Security Sector reform in Sub-Saharan Africa; and Team Leader for the UK government for the development of community security and justice programmes in a number of fragile and post-conflict contexts.