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International Journalist and Broadcaster (United Kingdom)

Lyse Doucet is a senior presenter and correspondent for BBC World Service Radio and BBC World TV. Ms. Doucet is educated at Queen's University, Kingston, and the University of Toronto. Honorary Doctorates in Civil Law (King's College, Halifax) and Letters (New Brunswick). Lyse Doucet joined the BBC in 1983 as a correspondent in Ivory Coast. She reported from West Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran (1988-93) and Middle East (1994-99). She is often deployed to anchor special news coverage from the field on major political events as well as natural disasters. Ms. Doucet plays a key role in the BBC’s coverage of Afghanistan as well as Pakistan and Middle East. Lyse joined BBC World's team of presenters in London in 2001 after spending five years in the Middle East, living first in Jordan where she covered the historic negotiations which led to the Israeli Jordanian peace agreement. Lyse is also one of the regular presenters on the BBC's Talking Point programme which is broadcast on television, radio and on the Internet.