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Head of Office in Brussels for the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI)

Graduated from King's College London (MA, Mediterranean and Middle East Studies) and from IRIS Sup (MA, International Relations). Mr. Pertusot also studied for a year at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Mr. Pertusot is a subject matter expert for the project Human Aspects in Operational Environment carried out by NATO's Center of Excellence on Human Intelligence. His research focuses on European Affairs and European defense policies.He previously worked at NATO and Carnegie Europe. Mr. Pertusot also taught political science at University Lille 2.

Aside publishing for IFRI, his research has appeared in Politique étrangère, La Revue Défense Nationale, EPIN Working Papers, and Diplomacy Journal. Mr. Pertusot has published in various outlets including Le Monde, Le Figaro, Euractiv, Atlantico, Atlantic Community, RUSI, Carnegie Europe and The New Atlanticist.