Kyiv Security Forum

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Second Kyiv Security Forum entitled "BLACK-CASPIAN SEA REGION AND EUROPEAN ENERGY SECURITY" took place in Kyiv on November 6-7, 2008.

The Second Forum focused on strengthening cooperation within the Black-Caspian Sea region and the European Union states in the energy security field. The participants worked on identifying of common grounds for the convergence of interests within multiple national energy strategies within the Black-Caspian sea region and the European Union.

The Forum gathered around 300 prominent high-level officials, reputable analysts, business representatives and media from the Black-Caspian Sea region, the European Union, the USA and respective international and regional organizations. The event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and was supported by the European Union Institute for Security Studies.

Second KSF provided foreign experts with in-depth information on particular initiatives of energy transit-countries and became an additional channel for coordination of conceptual approaches and positions, as well as joint actions of the states-members of the Krakow process before the next Energy Summit in Baku. Even though Forum discussions did not directly foresee the abrupt rise of tensions in 2009, however, politicians and analysts stressed those issues, the importance of urgent solution of which was confirmed during the Ukrainian-Russian gas conflict of the 2009. Discussions focused on the diversification of routes and sources of energy supply to Europe; on the significance of transition to post-oil economies; on the necessity of internal integration of energy markets and energy systems of European states and their connection to the Black-Caspian sea region states; as well as on the relevance of the Ukrainian gas storage capacity for European energy security.