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Frozen russian assets must be confiscated in their entirety and transferred to Ukraine, - Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the KSF online-discussion

“All menacing verbiage about jeopardy to the US dollar and Euro stemming from the effort of the free world to confiscate russian assets is not worth a dime. It is the collapse of Ukrainian statehood, it is the collapse of the US and EC leadership that can negatively affect the US dollar and Euro ”, - emphasized Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the KSF Chairman, Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2014-2014, at the KSF online-discussion.

Despite all sanctions imposed by the G7, russia’s annual war-related spending is around USD 120 billion: “The current situation is very grave, and all depends both on political willingness and the fact whether we all believe that the rules-based world order still exists and will exist in future ”, - Mr. Yatsenyuk stressed.

At the same time, putin and President of China have issued a joint statement “heavily criticizing even the very attempts to confiscate russian assets”, - Arseniy Yatsenyuk emphasized: “I personally take this as the challenge to the free world, to the US and the EU. Indeed, this is an attempt to stop confiscation of russian assets by the G7 ”.  

“If russia and China can blackmail the entire free world then what is happening to the world? Do we possess any tools for influence to retaliate? Indeed, we do have such tools. It is only the issue of political willingness. And we act fair and square (within the applicable legal rules)”, - he added.

The KSF Chairman also emphasized the existence of a legal basis to confiscate russian assets, as russia committed the crime of aggression: “And this must go hand-in-hand with bringing russia to justice”.

Hence, the faster the G7 outlines the way to confiscate the already frozen russian assets, the better, - KSF Chairman argued: “This war is for long, this is the war of attrition. putin demonstrates no sign of wishing for negotiations, as some put it. putin’s single objective is to capture Ukraine and undermine the world order and the entire free world, including the US dollar and the Euro. So, we must prevail”.

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