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Ukraine must receive frozen russian assets prior to engaging in any negotiations with russia, - former US Assistant Secretary of State

In case of any negotiations, russia will press to regain its $ 300 billion frozen by the West. So, this money ought to be transferred to Ukraine prior to any talks commencement.

This was emphasized by Stephen Rademaker, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State in 2005-06, during the online-discussion at the KSF established by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation “Open Ukraine”.

“This war will end, and one way or another, there will be talks. I do not expect that the war ends by russia surrendering to Ukraine. There will be talks about terms and conditions to end this war”, - he stated.

“We are aware of the russian wishes for negotiations. There will be issues of borders, and whether Ukraine can join NATO and the EU, etc. In fact, though, they’ll demand two things only: lifting sanctions against russia, and regaining their $ 300 billion”, - Stephen Rademaker believes.

According to him, the best possible scenario for Ukraine is to get hold of this money before the talks start.

“The best option will be to tell Russia:  it’s too late, the money is no longer there. If these funds remain available, it will be too difficult to resist russian claims”, - former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State emphasized.

Stephen Rademaker  also stressed that russian assets were frozen to the very purpose of stopping russia in this war and getting back to the rules and norms of international law. So, the best way to use this money is to direct it to compensation of damages and losses inflicted, rather than to any other purpose.

“If the mentioned funds are used to other purposes, it will be tremendously difficult to substantiate such a move (confiscation, - ed.). This money ought to be used solely to the benefit of those who are victims of this war, and to compensate all damages and losses inflicted by the russian federation during this war”, - he summed up.

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