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The former CIA Director on the situation at the front: “I haven’t seen anything like this since the Second World War”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are accumulating progress on the battlefield, which should lead to a chain reaction and the defeat of russia.

This idea was emphasized by General David Petraeus, a KSF Security Council member, Commander of the US Central Command in 2008-10, Director of the CIA in 2011-12, during a special event of the KSF, established by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s Foundation “Open Ukraine”.

The General emphasized that the NATO member states continue to support Ukraine in resisting russian military aggression. "Although I sometimes wish decisions are made faster, in particular regarding F-16 aircraft or long-range missiles, nevertheless the scope of support is absolutely incredible,” he said.

According to David Petraeus, the situation at the front right now is quite unique: “I haven’t seen anything like it since World War II. The russians are not particularly impressive in terms of knowledge or performance on the battlefield, but they have created a rather outstanding defense system, and it is quite difficult to punch it through.

At the same time, the General emphasized that the Armed Forces of Ukraine demonstrate impressive abilities to adapt and conduct military operations at the backdrop of vast minefields, trenches, anti-tank ditches and incessant enemy fire: “The Ukrainian reaction to all this is very impressive.”

The former CIA director emphasized that the Ukrainian forces are withstanding the russians across an extremely long front line. At the same time, they create conditions for continued success by striking russian warehouses, air bases, naval bases in Crimea, and logistics lines. “You may not be able to destroy a bridge, but you can make it impassable,” the General noted.

David Petraeus emphasized that using Western artillery systems, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can strike and hit the russian positions at a greater distance. “Stretching the frontline reduces the russian capabilities. That is, conditions are created on the battlefield, and when the opportunity arises, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to strike with reserve forces,” he added.

The General also stressed the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Robotyne and emphasized the importance of the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk directions.

“It’s all piling up. When the russian forces begin to crumble, it is important for the Ukrainians to use the moment and break the communication line to cut off Crimea. Ideally, it would be good to destroy the Kerch bridge, and when this is done, the russian forces will be destroyed,” David Petraeus is convinced.

The former CIA Director also gave high and due praise to the Ukrainian air defenses performance: “Ukraine has an extremely impressive air defenses system, so it is difficult for the russians to achieve success in the air, they cannot use their own air forces efficiently.”

“I think the progress of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues, and eventually it becomes permanent and we witness its outcome on the battlefield,” David Petraeus summed up.

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