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Danylo Lubkivsky: russia tries toput an end to Ukrainian nation, but we shall prevail and win

Ukraine has survived because of Ukrainian people’s valour and unprecedented assistance delivered by the West.

This was the message by Danylo Lubkivsky, Kyiv Security Forum Director, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in 2014 at the 16th Annual Kyiv Security Forum established by the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundations “Open Ukraine”.

“russian aggression has destroyed not only territorial integrity of Ukraine, but our humanitarian, cultural and information integrity – millions of people”, - he emphasized.

KSF Director also stated that millions of Ukrainians have found themselves outside Ukraine, millions more are suffering under the yoke of Russian occupation, repressions and brutal cultural and educational propaganda that tries to turn them into imperial russians.

“Again, repeatedly, russia turn to genocide, Holodomor practices of the Second World war in an attempt to put an end, to eradicate Ukrainian nation”, - he stressed.

“Our people are the most valuable asset of Ukraine. It is tragic that each day we lose them,” – KFS Director underlined.

He also argued that the war has changes the rules of political competition in Ukraine and has led to emergence of new influential stakeholders.

“The new stakeholder with its vested interests is Ukrainian Army. And this is a much more expansive notion, including not just the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This notion incorporates the military, veterans, volunteers, their families and the whole expanse of Ukrainian patriots participating in defence efforts,” – Danylo Lubkivsky stated.

He also emphasized that it is not only necessary to inflict defeat and losses to the enemy, but to become a mighty platform for our democratic nation and our statehood.

“It is of paramount importance that Ukraine is strong, integrated into Euro-Atlantic space, and Ukrainian Army is integrated into the NATO Alliance with all its skills, knowledge and training. Alongside with its approaches, understanding and principles that it is today fighting for,” – KSF Director stated.  

The 16th Annual Kyiv Security Forum is held March 21-22, 2024, to gather transatlantic support for Ukraine. This year Forum slogan is “Ukraine’s call to the World: Together We Prevail!”. 

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